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Adult Camps


We plan our three-day adult camps around the dates convenient for those with jobs or kids in school. They usually take place in the spring and fall.  We form the daily classes around the students that sign up. Adult camp is very informal; some people choose to only participate in the morning or the afternoon, and others choose to stay all day.

The schedule is flexible for the adults but we usually have two classes in the morning and then two classes in the afternoon. We have a daily potluck lunch where we gather outside or in the clubhouse. This is a fun and social period before we have classes in the afternoon.

We compose the adult camp classes around the skill of the riders.   Students will jump courses or perform dressage tests.  The adults will also participate in a drill team: a synchronized ride choreographed to music.

Next Adult Camp 2020: April 15, 16, and 17


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