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Certificate of Achievement


We have specialized camps to suit the needs and abilities of our wide range of riders. Each camper is offered the opportunity to improve his or her riding and horsemanship skills while working towards a Certificate of Achievement. The re- quirements for each Certificate are:



  • Lead horses

  • Groom properly

  • Tack up/untack

  • Mount/dismount

  • Clean tack

  • Adjust stirrups

  • Know twenty parts of the horse and five parts of tack

  • Walk, trot, canter

  • Know diagonals and leads 

  • Jump an 18” course or score 60% or higher on a Walk/Trot dressage test

  • Earn one perfect inspection score



  • Know all parts of the horse and tack including bits

  • Know horse care including grooming, proper hoof care, pulling manes,

    use and care of clippers, feeds, supplements, worming and vaccinations

  • Set up simple cavelleti exercises

  • Basic lunging skills

  • General understanding of loading/unloading trailers

  • Basic stable management skills including cleaning stalls correctly

  • Jump a 2’6” course proficiently or score 60% higher on a Training Level

    dressage test

  • Earn three perfect inspection scores

  • Display characteristics of a good horseman – shows responsibility toward

    all aspects of horse care, shows initiative to help others, and is a good example to others


  • Lunging/driving skills,

  • Wrapping legs for training, trailering or injury

  • Basic first aid including injections

  • Set up simple gymnastics

  • Groom horse for show including braiding and body clipping

  • Teach beginner and intermediate lessons, give beginner and intermediate

    camp lectures, instruct camp drill team

  • Understand basic course design Jump a 3’3” course proficiently or score 60% or higher on a First Level dressage test

  • Earn one week of perfect inspection scores

  • Excel in all areas of stable management including the ability to meet the

    needs of students, boarders and clients

  • Displays characteristics of an excellent horseman – shows maturity, can

    make wise decisions concerning horses and riders, can respond to equine emergencies, takes on responsibilities, and is an excellent example for all to follow


  • The above requirements

  • Good teaching skills for all student levels

  • Develop and implement lesson plans for all student levels

  • Start and train young or green horses

  • Work productively with problem horses

  • Course designing for all levels

  • Set up dressage arena

  • Show management skills

  • Ride/show at 3’6” level or score 60% or higher on a Second Level dressage test

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