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Heather Teague Carroll

Having ridden for four years, I was now eight, and my enthusiasm for horses was increasing exponentially. Jane Teague, my mom, tossed and turned all night after I announced at dinner that I had decided to be a riding instructor. She had no problems with my ambitions to become an instructor, but she knew that this would only lead to me needing to put more time and energy into the field and the people who were teaching me.


By morning, she decided that my current role model’s in the equestrian world were not the people she wanted me to learn to emulate as I spent countless hours training to accomplish my dreams. We went on a search to find the perfect place and quickly stumbled across Pam and Galal at El Gezira Riding Academy. After meeting them, we realized that these two people were the answer to our many prayers. Pam and Galal had diligently built up a school that not only taught you how to ride, but also instilled in you great horsemanship, character, responsibility, generosity, and a selfless love for the animals and people of the El Gezira community and the world we live in. We signed me up for my first summer camp immediately.


By age eleven, I was one of the first official “Barn Rats” to help run the barns and the camps, and by age fourteen, they had taken me under their wings and I was training horses and teaching lessons and truly happier than I had ever been before as I watched my dreams come true. We had found my home away from home and to this day, twenty-four years later, I still look up to Pam and Galal not only as wonderful teachers but also as my second family. I will always love you guys, and I will be forever indebted to the love that you poured back into me and the young woman I have become because of your devotion to the sport and especially to me.

PS You wouldn’t believe how many times over the years and to this day that Islipped up and accidentally called Ms. Pam, Mom. And if you knew how much I love my mom, you would see that this is the greatest compliment I could give someone.


Mary Johnston

Talk about memories! Pharoah and Justus are stil hanging around. The horse world is changing so much, its so great to be able to go where you know your horse gets the best care and the instructor sees an rider in every student!  Lets hope this tradition lives on...

Grace Alvis

I started riding at El Gezira when I was 5 years old. I am now 16 years old. My time at the El Gezira taught me horseman ship. I do not know where my life would be with out the barn. Pam has showed everyone to follow their dreams. I have met all my best friends at the barn. Summer camp is so much fun! I will never forget my first camp! We were coming back form the pool and the older kids pranked us with shaving cream and we were covered. Being at the barn is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love the barn and everyone in it!

Chrissy Beavers

I have been riding at El Gezira for 20+ years and I just love it there. Everyone is so friendly and supportive of eachother. I have learned so many things, with El Gezira you dont only learn how to ride but you learnt he true meaning of horsemanship. At El Gezira you can learn every aspect of riding and horse care. I am very fortunate to of had the opparunity to grow up at such a special place and have so many wonderful memories from camps and horseshows. 

Kelly Whitworth

I learned how to ride at El Gezira with Mrs. Pam.  She taught me all I know about being a horseman.  I grew up out at the barn and the experience was so valuable to who I am today. El Gezira is still my place to get away from the world and enjoy my love for riding.  All the friends I have made, and memories with Mrs. Pam are priceless to me.   El Gezira is a wonderful second home, close to my heart.

Molly McCown

Growing up at EGRA, you learn the true meaning of being an equestrian. What does that include you may ask? Mucking stalls, catching horses, feeding, watering, sweeping, grooming and much more! May not sound like average fun, but at El Gezira, it makes for great memories!


Pam has a way of teaching kids real responsibility and horsemanship. She inspires all her students with her dedication to this sport. Summer camps are filled with fun activities and lessons that help riders advance through the levels while also meeting life long friends. From cavalettis to open jumpers, Mrs. Pam was with me all the way. She taught me more than I ever could have imagined. I started riding at El Gezira in 1996. Today, I am 20 years old, have my own farm, and still come back to share the experience with new riders. It's a one of a kind experience! EGRA will always be close to my heart! :)



Susan Collins

I didn’t take up riding until I was 39 and El Gezira has been the perfect place for me to learn to ride on great horses, in a relaxed environment.  Pam Abdulla has taught me horsemanship and has made me feel like part of the family.  El Gezira has helped me fulfill a lifelong dream and it’s my favorite place to be!  I now own my own horse and look forward to every lesson and the friendships I have built at El Gezira have been an added bonus!



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