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Galal Abdullah
Pam Ibrahim

Pam Abdulla received her formal training at Southern Seminary in Virgina. She holds a B.S. in Physical Education and a Masters in Animal Science from New Mexico State. She was an instructor at Judson Colege, and a founder and instructor for Special Equestrians in Birmingham, Alabama. She has judged dressage on the international level, recently in Alexandria, Egypt.
Pam married Galal Abdulla in 1979 and they opened El Gezira Riding Academy in 1990.  Pam has since trained students from all over the country. She has specialized her learning environment to suit the needs and abilities of a wide range of riders.  She designed a Certificate of Achievement program from her own well-rounded horseman education to help her students advance in their horsemanship skills. She directed riders of all ages to earn their Beginner Certificate, Intermediate Certificate, Advanced Certificate, and Instructors Certificate.
Pam has successfully trained riders to achieve their highest equestrian potential. To many, she has served as a great mentor and respected teacher.  Her Riding Academy has brought together many.  Her love for horses and dedication to her students formed the El Gezira family.

Galal Abdulla is a native of Egypt, born in Cairo Egypt. His father was a rider and instructor.  Galah began riding under the instruction of his father and other trainers from Europe. Galal rode for the police team and later became the head trainer in classical style at El Gezira Riding Club.                                             
He has coached police teams, military teams, and many of his riders have represented Egpyt internationally. Galal also competed nationally, while Pam coached at a Sporting Club in Alexandria. Libia recruited Balakrishnan to coach the national team. Galal stayed in Libia with the team competing internationally and during this time became interested in course design.

He apprenticed under a well know German course designer who went on to design courses for the Moscow Olympic Games.  Dr. Bochwell from Birmingham invited Galal to come and work here in Alabama, and the rest is history....  Galah and Pam live on their El Gezira property and enjoy teaching and managing El Gezira Riding Academy.

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